Walking Up and Down Lagoinha

Even better than we remembered!

This medium walk of 7 kilometres never had our attention, until now. The first and only time we walked this trail, we missed out on all the eye candy because of the fog, who is a regular visitor on this part of the island. But since this weekend the walking route Lagoinha de Serreta (named after the small crater lake) has earned a spot in our hiking heart.


Before you start

Don’t be misguided or over-optimistic by the cute words the hike begins with “This a nice small circular route…”. Yes, it is a nice circular route and, like all indications on the island, the estimated time of 2,5 hours should be plussed with 1 hour -if you wish to enjoy your view, take a picture or two and have a snack break.
It is good to realize that half of the walk goes up almost to the highest point of the volcano of Serra de St. Barbara. Guess what the second half looks like?


The walk is not thát hard, but be advised that decent shoes can be handy.  There are some tricky steps, especially after rain and if your sneakers are too slick, the loose gravel road down is fun to watch for your fellow-walkers (we speak out of experience here).  Also it is good to realize that on warm summer days it is a bit of a climb to get up.


The trail

This trail belongs to the Natural Park of Terceira and shares the stunning nature of the forest of Serreta, Santa Bárbara -the highest peak of the island and Mistérios Negros -know for her fairy tale forest.

The hike starts with an ascending forest road, later turning into a path  where you can observe the typical species of endemic vegetation such as Azorean Heather (Erica azorica), Azores Juniper (Juniperus brevifolia), Laurustinus (Viburnum treleasei), Azorean Angelica (Angelica lignescens), Azorean St. John’s Wort (Hypericum foliosum).



The route has a last climb to the top. Here the steps are heavily worn out by rain water and it is a fun and interesting last bit to get up. Your last minutes will be rewarded by the serene sight of Lagoinha.

Your descent, after you leave the main road, takes you through green pastures. Hidden by a track of trees lies Ribeira do Além, a canyon that splits the landscape in half. Water passes through big lava and the walls are decorated the endemic species of plants and moss.

We had never seen this before and for us, this was the big surprise of the walk. Maybe we bring a rope the next time? We will be back!


Final thought

Keep in mind that the area and her inhabitants are part of protected and or managed nature. Leave only foot prints and if someone dropped something along the way, please help that person and kindly take that something.

thijs van bokkem en ebrina van der bijl


See VisitAzores for the official trail information and downloadable map.

Get one of our experienced guides if you want the full experience. With the iconic hike you learn about the volcanic landscape and the endemic species you can observe here. Also you will have a picnic along the way.


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