The dramatic Coastline of Biscoitos

One of the details in the landscape where no one talks about, but struck me as a pre-historic, pre-mammal kind of scenery, is the mini ecosystem of weeds and algae that reside on the rocks and decorate the shallow pools that form during low tide.

When you visit the beach of Biscoitos or while you are walking the Wine Trail you can make a little side step over the concrete cobble path and if you are feeling lucky not to slip and slide step into this moon

swamp landscape.

This is also the territory of the Lapas or limpets, a water snail that sucks itself to the cliffs. Bring a knife to flip them off, but if you really want to fill your plate with this local delight you better find a more remote spot.

The beach is only a 3 minute drive from Ecocamp Abbyville, so for volunteers and guests who have a accommodation it is always a great place to visit -if sand castles are not your thing.



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