Stunning Rocha do Chambre

Yes, this is why we are living on the Azores! My brothers, Annemarie and I went for a hike and were thrilled by the variety of landscapes, views and natural beauty. Although the trail already excised this summer it became a marked route, so now the majestic glory is visible to all who want to go out there.

I had seen straight rock formations a few times from a distance and was very excited to see then now close-up, literally from up close because it is a bit of climb to get there. As the most trails we have done so far they ask some of your fitness, but are definitely doable without hiking experiences. My brother walked it out on sandals -have to say the talking was subsequently less in the last kilometres.

Like the hike Mysterious Negros you will find here the typical Azorean flora; ancient wobbely pine plants, ferns and beautiful moss formation. If you give yourself the time you will discover multiple layer of small growing forest friends.


After the forest part that starts with the hanging pine trees we found an empty river bedding, where the rocks where covered with moss. Annemarie was too curious so us man couldn’t stay behind. If you are up for a bit more climbing, don’t miss out on this eerie detour. After 200 meter we crawled out on the steep ridge on the right side of the bank to find the original path to continue the trail.
No 127 hours or blair witches for us.

This wonderful hike covers a great variety of the natural beauty the Azores and Terceira in particular have to offer. We always recommend this one to our friends. The starting point of the hike is just 5 minutes away from  Abbyville.

More details about the trail you will find on the website of

Walking and hiking trail rocha do chambre



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