Discover the Atlantic

Go scuba diving in Terceira and discover the wildlife of the Azores. The biodiversity in the ocean around the island is enormous and there is a wide range of types of diving you can make here.

Dive sites

Our island has dive sites for beginners, certified and  experiences divers.

We have more than 20 inshore diving spots, mostly of them reachable by boat, and three of them are shore dives. We have also 2 offshore dives near Terceira Island, Banco D. João Castro and Baixa da Serreta.

The landscape

The islands of the Azores are underwater mountains, just showing the tips as the known 9 islands. This landscape provides seas of 2000 meter deep, perfect for whales and dolphins. The edges of the island are made up of steep rock walls and the coast is blessed by volcanic activity, creating irregular lava formations, caverns, bays and underwater caves.

Next to the natural structures the coastal waters hide traces of history with shipwrecks and a 'cemetery of anchors'.  All this formations provide a stunning scenery and a rich habitat for life. This means food and shelter for many of our underwater friends.

Common species

Around Terceira you can find sting and eagle rays, barracuda, tuna fish, amberjacks, groupers, moray eels, hake, shrimps, wrasse, red mullet, flounder, lobsters, octopus, fire worms, crabs and other small schools of sardines.

Diving season

The best season months are between July and October. The Azores are blessed with a mild climate making usually a long diving season. This climate is influenced by a warm current bringing a constant temperature of water between 17º and 22º C.

This is why Terceira is a good destination for your next dive trip in Portugal.

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Best Seasons:Spring, Summer, Fall
Popular Location:Praia de Victoria

Scuba Diving

We have beautiful dives for every level.

Snorkeling Boat Tour

Half day

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Basic Dive Terceira for beginners

    Scuba Diving for beginners

    Half day

    Did you always want to experience scuba diving? Now is your chance! Try scuba diving in Terceira and discover the sea life of the Azores. We will teach you the technique and make sure you feel comfortable. After a practise…

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    Octopus at the Atlantic shore of Portugal

      Explore the Atlantic Scuba Diving

      2 dives

      Go scuba diving in Terceira and discover the wildlife of the Azores. Read more about our divers ecosystem and the different dives you can make here. We can guide you to various sites for beginners, certified and very experiences divers.…

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