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Camping in the Azores

When camping in the Azores you feel the nature of the islands from dusk till dawn and into your dreams. Because Terceira lays in the middle of the ocean you can gaze over the beautiful milky-way while enjoying a little camp fire.

Camping lovers skipped this destination because it can be a challenge to fly in your tent and all, but worry not, my happy campers, help is here for you!

Rent Camping gear with Pop-Up Camp

You can go out and about with fully equipped camping gear. Enjoying the freedom of sleeping all over the island, you decide where you put your rented tent tonight.

Pop-Up Camp is complete and easy to use.

Why is renting a tent a good idea?

  • Travel light, no need to pay for extra luggage
  • Travel economical, reasonable price per night
  • Travel sustainable, shared use of material decreases our footprint
  • Travel freely, where you want, when you want.

You choose where you wish to see you nature bound accommodation!


AbbyVille, Comfortable Tent in an Eco Garden

Stay at a cosy eco campsite in the middle of a permaculture garden with your bungalow style tent ready and your real bed made up for you.

AbbyVille has an outdoor kitchen with everything you need, hot showers and a fireplace to use. The garden has fruits, herbs, lettuce and vegetables for you to use.

This is a unique experience for camping lovers who like it smooth.

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Best Seasons:Spring, Summer
Popular Location:AbbyVille


We have everything for your camping experience.
Romantic tent for a couple

    Romantic Tent in an Eco Camping

    Min. 3 nights

    Camping in the Azores was never this easy, or romantic or fun. In this orchard we offer an original and comfortable accommodation, surrounded by true Azorean nature. You will stay in a spacious vintage cotton tent and sleep in a…

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      Pop-up Camp Camping gear

      Min. 3 nights

      All you need for camping. Travel around Terceira and enjoy your freedom with this complete set of camping gear. We provide you with new tents that are easy and fast. You will put up your accommodation in a matter minutes.…

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