Kayak Trips

Sea Kayaking

Making a trip by Sea Kayak gives a new perspective to your travel destination.

Discover the edge of Terceira, a point of view that very few know. You will move at your own pace in silence, without the noise of an engine, only the soft sound of the paddle and the sliding through the water.

Between steep slopes and sheltered bays, abandoned forts and shallow sandy areas, you can swim among starfishes and other shoal of fish and dive in the clear blue water.

The coast of the Azores is home to many sea birds who make nests in the rocky coastline. You can spot common tern (Sterna hirundo), the roseate tern (Sterna Dougalli) and Cory’s shearwater (Calonectris diomedea borealis).

Our guides use high quality equipment. NELO sea kayaks, come from a Portuguese factory that provides the vast majority of kayaks for the Olympic teams.

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Best Seasons:Summer, Fall
Popular Location:Angra do Heroismo, Praia de Victoria, Porto Judeu, Porto Martins

Kayak Trips

Yoohoo, get in a canoe!

Kayak Tour & Bird Spotting

Full day

This is a full day of Sea Kayaking is an activity for experienced kayakers only. The kayak gives us the possibility to explore wildlife in protected nesting habitats from a unique point of view, so this is a great excursion…

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Sea Kayaking for Beginners

Half day

This is a half day Sea Kayak activity for beginners and first-times. Slide over the Atlantic blue and enjoy the green landscape of Terceira. This excursion is a safe and fairly easy way to experience kayaking, because the bay of…

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