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When is the best time to visit?

Good news for everyone who plans to travel to Azores in low season. In spite of what many travel agents sell or tell, we love the climate of Terceira year round. Although the islands are on the same latitude as let’s say, the Mediterranean area, their climate is much milder and moderate. The year average is a comfortable 17° Celsius, with winter averages of 13 degrees in February and in summer the temperature rarely passes the 30.

The humidity is around 75% and can reach up to 90% and this defines how you experience the weather. So in winter it might feel colder than it actually is and 25° C in summer feels very summer-ish.

But if you would ask me ‘what is the best time to visit Azores?’, I would vote for spring or fall. Strange? Not al all!

Spring destination

In spring the islands are at their uppermost beauty. Having soaked up the rain that mostsly falls in winter, they thrive under the sun that shows her self every day a bit more and the nature just bursts of life. You will so many shades of green, you didn’t think they would exist. For landscape photographers these are the hay days!

The temperature is very mild and the weather is just pleasant. You will have changes of a shower now and then, but this will quickly be followed by a grateful sunshine.

Travelling the Fall

In the fall the weather is the most unpredictable and heavy showers of wind can occur. But still, in our experience, we still enjoy a lot of sunshine and the temperatures are not as high as in summer. You if you like to put on a sweater and be active in the outdoors, this is your pick. The seawater is heated up during the summer months and this radiates over the islands in the fall. Also the Atlantic is just great to explore because of this temperature (22° in October!).

In winter?

It is a bit of a gamble, but you can visit the Azores in Winter. February is the coldest month with 13° average (not bad huh!). While the most western islands like Flores are known for strong rains and wind and a fog that can last for days, we appreciate the ‘winter months’ in Terceira a lot. If you don’t mind the change of a day of rain or muddy boots after a hike, you will be fine. Even the whales still hang around in winter so there is plenty to discover these months.


The true summer comes in July and August. These are the warmest and driest months, especially in August you can’t go wrong, weather wise. In these months the holiday season kicks in and the island is very alive. Many visitors, Portuguese and international tourists, but also locals and returning migrates crowd the natural swimming pools and the sandy beaches of Angra do Heroísmo.

For people who prefer a very active holiday, these days might be a bit too hot. The draught also has some effect on the landscape and while still spectacular, it appears not as lush as the previous spring months.


We experience the climate mostly as very pleasant and are thankful for the mild winters and the rain that falls throughout the year. You should be prepared for everything when you visit the Azores., it might rain in the middle of the island while you can sunbathe at the coast.

The people here smile when a storm suddenly picks up, “4 seasons in one day, this is the island”.



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