Camping, Tours and Inspiration

We connect you to the Terceira that was here long before us.

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Azores by Nature wants to put Terceira on the map for happy campers. We do this by providing camping gear to travellers, by informing about camping possibilities and by facilitating ready made tents in our garden.

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We have found tour operators that guide you through the highlights and hidden places of the island. This gives you the certainty you travel with professionals that respect nature and bring a high level of service. You can connect with them though our website.

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Your trip to Terceira starts here. Read about the natural wonders of Terceira and prepare yourself with our tips & tricks and must see's. We are here for you. Call us, mail us or pass by and let's make this Azorean time unforgetable.

Inspiration and realization

Our goal is to give you a memorable, in-depth in-nature experience of Terceira.

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Our goal to you

Our goal is to turn your holiday to Terceira into an unforgettable time by connecting you to you in-depth and in-nature experiences.

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Our goal to nature

Leave the place a bit better than you found it. Be respectful to nature and her inhabitants and leave only footprints.

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Our goal to ourselves

Never stop being amazed by what you see and take nothing for granted. Find people who think alike and play together.

More about us

We love our freedom and wish you the same.

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The People

Hello, we are Thijs van Bokkem and Ebrina van der Bijl. With our son Boris, two cats and three chickens we live in one of the cosiest houses of Terceira. The first time we arrived to Terceira was in 2013 and it was love at first sight. Of all the places we travelled in our 30 something years we choose our ground in the middle of the ocean. We both have a history of divers chapters and experiences in farming, hospitality, marketing, creation and photography. Our heart lies also in participating in festivals, sharing our knowlegde of all sorts and travelling the word. Azores by Nature is one of the initiatives we passionately run. The reason that we do what we do is that we love to show you ‘our Terceira’, what we like here and what brings the magic for us. ENJOY!

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AbbyVille and Pop-Up Camp

AbbyVille is a facilitated camping in the middle of a permaculture garden. The nostalgic romance of camping can be enjoyed in the easy way. Spacious cotton tents have been put up for you. Each accommodation is situated in a different corner of our garden. The land of Abbyville is situated in the traditional wine area of Biscoitos, with characteristic stone walls that mark the small plots. We came to Terceira to learn how nature works and how we can use that knowledge to grow our own food and take care for animals and trees. A traditional fruit orchard is combined with perma culture techniques. When you stay in AbbyVille you can see which permaculture techniques we apply and enjoy the fresh harvest when we have. From our garden camp we also rent out pop-camp, take-away camping gear. A logic addition to what we have to offer. Our drive to get people into the green heart of the island, in a convenient way, brought us to the concept.

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Our Partners

The Tour & Activities are done by partnering organisations. They are all experts in their field and we have hand picked their most unique activities for you. Our partners are our friends and we select our friends very carefully, we resonate with their work and visa-versa. They stand out in knowledge, service and sustainability. This is why we can refer to them with certainty and pride. For our service we receive a booking fee from our partners. If you want to endorse our work we kindly ask you to make your reservations through this website. It will cost you nothing more. This fee we need to keep this website, ourselves and our activities up. And if you have any questions regarding this, please get in contact. Thank you.


People who’s good work we proudly endorse and vice versa: