5 nature activities for your holiday in Terceira

Many friends and guests ask us what they should do when they visit Terceira. What would make their holiday in the Azores unforgettable. We would standard say “just get out there!”. Wander around, take the country roads to ride around, enjoy what you see and breathe in the island.

But you want to plan your trip to Terceira, so you want to get a bit more specific. We have a check list for you. The following 5 activities give us the most joy and are some of the reasons why we live here, for more than 3 years already.

Let’s go!

5… have a picnic

Have a holiday like the locals do and make yourself a picnic. When you are exploring Terceira and in need for a break, spot the signs for Zona de Lazer. In every town you can find public picnic spots complete with bqq’s ready to use and sometimes even a wood oven. All you need to bring is your coils and favourite lunch and off you go.

You can find the most magical picnic place in Mata de Serreta, a very shady spot in an eucalyptus forest. Overlooking Angra do Heroísmo there is Monte Brasil, with a great view and some small farm animals. In São Brás you will find a beautiful park. It is enclosed so ideal for children to play around.

4… be inside a volcano

Explore the origin of the island in the chimney of a volcano. Alguar do Carvão is unique in its sort and definitely a must see when you are here. We are a huge fan of her natural forms of art on the wall created by the residue of minerals of thousands of years.

You can visit the crater by yourself or make it part of an underground tour, where you will also explore caves that at not open to the general public.

3… enjoy the many views

Being from the Netherlands we are easily impressed with a good hill and a decent view. So you will understand that Terceira never fails to leave us in awe. Whether it is the dramatic cliffs on the north side, the geometric patchwork of field and stone walls or the green crater landscape in the center of the island.

Ride along with a photographer and view enthusiast and collect them all!


2… watch the largest animals in the world

The first time you see the back of a majestic whale, sliding through the water, right next to you… The sound of exhaling, pushing out water and air… at last the rising of the tail, as if waving goodbye, to leave you speechless.

Whale watching gives you a new perspective of ocean life.

1… walk a hiking trail

This island is all about hiking and we think that it is the best activity you can do during your holiday in Terceira. The nature of the Azores is relatively young, untouched and strongly influenced by the volcanic nature. The climate makes sure that the island is always green and year round you can get lost in what we like to describe as fairy tale forests. Some of our favorites are Rocha do Chambre, Baia de Algualva and the Wine Fields of Biscoitos.

These trails you can do yourself, but if you want to get off the beaten track and learn more about our nature, get a guide!


There you’ve got it, 5 great ways to explore the nature of the Azores. When you visit the island, make sure to save some time in your schedule to swim in the Atlantic. Let me add this to the list:

Bonus: Swim in the Atlantic

Terceira is famous for her rocky ‘beaches’. Volcanic eruptions created protected natural swimming pools. The rocks create several pools, shallow and deep where you can swim, bathe or play around. Most known is Biscoitos, but don’t forget Quatro Ribeiras.

Stay tuned for our future article about the Beaches of Terceira.



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